Can An Infrared Sauna Help With Inflammation?

Inflammation, What Is It? Why Is It So Bad?


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What Is Inflammation?

Everyone's talking about inflammation, but does anyone know what it is?

The word inflammation comes up a lot when people are talking about disease, injury, and health risks.

The wellness world is full of buzzwords, but of them all, inflammation is perhaps the buzziest. Almost everyone, including doctors and facialist, fixates on it at one point or another, and there is a perfect reason for all this hype.

It seems like everything has something to do with inflammation. It is known to cause skin disorders, headaches, allergies, painful menses, and some chronic illnesses.

So, what is it? Why does it happen? Here are the things you need to know about inflammation and how you can combat them.

Why Is Inflammation Bad?

When doctors talk about inflammation, what they are referring to is a combination of heat, redness, pain as well as swelling. This often manifests inside or outside your body.

Your body exhibits these symptoms when an irritant pokes its immune system. The irritant could be a certain kind of food you like or a virus in or around the body. Contrary to our anxiety about the word, inflammation is actually a good thing. It's our body's response to fighting off illnesses and repairing the injury.

In response to irritants, your body marshals all the heavyweights, immune cells, and fluids to the affected area. These help to kill whatever is causing the irritation, which is a good thing for the body. However, if your body is inflamed too often, it could be a sign of a bigger problem.

Inflammatory responses should be self-limiting. Otherwise, inflammatory cells, immune molecules, and body fluids can cause disruption in the inflamed area. For this reason, chronic inflammation is associated with a number of illnesses, including heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's.

Chronic Inflammation occurs as a low-level, constant form of inflammation in the body. This means the body's immune system is turned on and the white blood cells are looking for something to latch onto and attack, but there is nothing to attach to.

Researchers are still working out exactly how this is connected to the disease, but the issue has been linked to stroke, heart disease, and brain issues. There are no physical signs of chronic inflammation, but you can go to your doctor to get a CPR test that will indicate your levels.


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How To Reduce Inflammation

It is possible to control, or even reverse, inflammation by following an anti-inflammatory and healthy lifestyle. People who belong to a family with a history of colon cancer or heart disease should consult with a physician on appropriate lifestyle modifications that encourage the prevention of inflammation.

4 Tips To Lower Inflammation

  • Consume Plenty Of Anti-inflammatory Foods

Healthy choices bring with them health benefits. The food you eat and the supplements you take determine whether your body protected against inflammation. Load up on foods that help your body keep inflammation at bay.

Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and foods with plenty of omega-3 acids. Some common sources of omega-3 include salmon, tuna, flax seeds, soybeans, and walnuts. Others include celery, grapes, olive oil, tea, garlic and spices like rosemary, turmeric, and ginger.

  • Include A Regular Workout In Your Daily Schedule

Exercise has many long-term health benefits for your health. Your workout regime does not need to be rigorous. You do not need a high-intensity workout for your body to enjoy all those anti-inflammatory effects.

You only need around 20 minutes to 1 hour of a judicious workout, which can include fast-paced walking. A study has shown that at least 20 minutes worth of exercise is enough to cause an anti-inflammatory cellular response, which results from a reduction in the body's cytokine TNF.

This means that spending as little as 20 minutes on a treadmill can help your body reduce the population of stimulated cells that generate the inflammation-causing element TNF.

  • Get Hot In A Sauna

A regular stint in a far infrared sauna not only helps you relax but, according to the pros, it can also help your body keep diseases away. People who go into infrared saunas on a regular basis tend to have fewer health issues.

Exposing the body to hot temperatures, which cause blood to pump, is associated with good health and quality of life. If you would rather not walk into a dry and hot room like the Fins, an infrared sauna makes a perfect alternative.

  • Manage Your Stress Levels

Chronic stress leads to inflammation. You can stay ahead of your stress through biofeedback, yoga or guided imagery. It is not entirely possible to live a stress-free life given that we live in a crazy world, but you can change your response to and perception of stress by managing your stressors.

Remember that your effort to lower your stress levels and manage inflammation pay off in the end. Your health also improves and chances of contracting chronic diseases reduce significantly.

Chronic inflammation should not be something you have to deal with every day. You can manage inflammation using the tips we have listed in this article. However, if you feel your inflammation is out of hand, consult a physician. Strive to keep your body in good shape, and use a Far Infrared Sauna to ensure you are protecting yourself against this health risk, along with many others!

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