Using A Sauna For Erectile Dysfunction: A Promising Strategy

And Why Saunas Help Fix Six Separate Erectile Dysfunction Root Causes


*Disclaimer: The written article is based on a summary of existing literature on the topic of infrared saunas. The article is for educational purposes and the information provided below cannot be taken as a promise to help with acute health problems or diseases.

The claims in the article are backed by 26 scientific references. All references are numbered. You can access the text of the reference by clicking on the number.

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Erectile dysfunction can be truly devastating for men. In this blog post, I’ll make the argument for using a sauna for erectile dysfunction as a promising strategy for countering the issue. Specifically, I claim that saunas counter six underlying root causes of erectile dysfunction, and are therefore great in supporting healthy penile function.

Please keep in mind though, that infrared saunas are only one tool in the toolbox. Most people, to fix erectile dysfunction, might need to:

  • clean up their diets - eat whole foods and don’t rely on junk food or sugar
  • move a lot more throughout the day
  • ensure they’re getting 8-9 hours of sleep each night
  • do some strength training for hormonal support
  • get some sunlight exposure every day
  • lose weight
  • get in better cardiovascular shape
  • etcetera

Having said that, in the rest of this blog post I’ll argue that infrared saunas are an extremely helpful tool in the erectile health toolbox and one that’s very much underappreciated most of the time.

But, before considering how infrared saunas help, let’s first consider what proper erectile function and dysfunction fundamentally are:

Erectile Function And Dysfunction Basics

So, before talking about the infared sauna erectile dysfunction fix, I’ll say a thing or two about what erectile dysfunction is and how it happens. Quite a lot of scientific literature is published on this topic, actually, and scientists are very well aware of the factors influencing whether erections function well or not (1; 2; 3; 4; 5).

First of all, there’s a biological basis to erectile function and dysfunction. In general, if you’ve got erectile dysfunction, it becomes more problematic with age.

Also, erectile dysfunction is very closely intertwined with many different health conditions. These health conditions include heart and blood vessel disease, and high blood pressure specifically as a symptom, blood sugar dysregulation and diabetes, and depression. Being overweight and drinking (too much) alcohol are also problems exacerbating erectile dysfunction.

So, essentially, whether you’re in good general health has a huge influence on how good of an erection you can get.

However, you are far from powerless:

Almost all of these risk factors also have one thing in common: they’re paired with decreases in what is called “endothelial function”. The endothelium is a layer of cells inside blood vessels that helps them stay smooth and elastic.

Other less common causes of erectile dysfunction exist such as neurological conditions and autoimmune (Parkinson’s or MS), urinary tract problems, the use of prescription medication, or having a poor hormonal profile (e.g. having low testosterone).

Secondly, psychological factors can in some instances also cause erectile dysfunction. You might be a healthy teenager, for instance, who is under extreme psychological stress, resulting in poor or no erections.

Additionally, different types of erectile dysfunction also exist, such as not being able to get an erection in the first place, or not being able to maintain one, or sometimes being able to have an erection and sometimes not. For the solution to the problem, which category you may fall in doesn’t really matter - the same risk factors underlie all these types of erectile dysfunction.

Having said that, let’s consider how saunas can help here, such as a near-infrared sauna erectile dysfunction overhaul:

The Infrared Sauna Erectile Dysfunction Fix

In the section below, I’ll describe six different biological mechanisms by which infrared saunas promote healthy erections. More physiological mechanisms exist, in reality, but I’m considering the six main ones in my writing below - you’ll be more than convinced after these six examples:

1. Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is both one of the biggest risk factors for heart and blood vessel conditions and erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, saunas have a huge effect upon blood pressure. On average, you’ll lower your blood pressure - both “systolic” and “diastolic” blood pressure - by seven points after a sauna session (6; 7; 8).

During that time, especially peripheral blood flow increases dramatically and your heart starts pumping quicker. Fortunately, permanent improvements in blood pressure also occur, assuming you establish a sauna bathing habit (9; 10). Using a sauna 4-7 times a week almost halves your hypertension risk compared to using a sauna once per week.

Next up, there’s another benefit:

2. Improved Blood Flow

As stated before, spending time inside a sauna opens up your blood vessels, especially peripherally - such as in your hands and feet. Well, erections are also considered “peripheral blood flow” - and thus saunas directly improve this part of the erectile health equation (11; 12; 13).

As a result of spending time in a sauna, you’re increasing your heart rate as much as you’d do during a quick walk. On average, your heart rate increases about 15 beats per minute during this time. During this process, compounds called “nitric oxide” metabolites increase in quantity.

Nitric oxide trends down while you age - this is one of the most important compounds helping your arteries and blood vessels dilate. Several strategies can be used to keep nitric oxide levels high though, such as exercise, red light therapy, eating dark leafy vegetables, and of course, spending time inside a sauna.

Moving on:

3. Lower Risk For Heart And Blood Vessel Conditions

The link between heart and blood vessel conditions and erectile dysfunction is extremely close (14). A whopping 40% of people with erectile dysfunction have high blood pressure, and 42% have higher blood cholesterol levels. Both are interrelated with blood and heart vessel conditions, in turn, especially the aforementioned high blood pressure.

Fortunately, there’s extremely strong evidence showing that saunas improve overall heart and blood vessel health (15; 16; 17). By having a high sauna frequency, you can reduce blood and heart vessel mortality by 70%+ and sudden cardiac deaths by 63%.

Arteries become less stiff, the nervous system spends less time in a stressed state whereby your heart stays healthier, and your cholesterol profile improves. These heart and blood vessel supporting benefits certainly help you counter erectile dysfunction too.

For the best results, the research suggests you have to work up to sauna sessions of 20 minutes more.

Next up:


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4. Better Blood Glucose Control

Diabetes is a health condition in which blood glucose management is impeded for different reasons. Diabetics literally have double the risk of erectile dysfunction. Also, the longer you have diabetes, the worse erectile dysfunction generally becomes.

The good news is that infrared saunas can be extremely beneficial in helping your body manage blood glucose more effectively. Just three weeks of regular sauna use lowers a long-term biomarker of blood glucose (HbA1) to a great extent (18).

Spending time inside a sauna also boosts what is called “mitochondrial function” - mitochondria are the “energy-producing factories” of your cells. By spending time in the sauna you build bigger and more mitochondria. Poor mitochondria have been linked to erectile dysfunction as well (19; 20). Making your mitochondria more plentiful and healthier counters erectile dysfunction in turn.

Then, there’s a related benefit:

5. Lose Excess Body Fat

Being overweight increases your risk of erectile dysfunction - and that trend is especially true for people who are obese.

But guess what?

At Clearlight Infrared® Saunas, we’ve carried out some research of our own on using infrared saunas for losing body fat.

The result?

Three infrared sauna sessions per week, for 30 minutes, helped study participants drop their body fat percentage by four per cent over the course of four months.

Stress levels also went down - stress is a frequent contributor to why people hold excess fat around their midsection. For the best result, plan your sauna sessions in the late afternoon or early evening - participants who used that timing lost weight twice as quickly in our studies!

Lastly, remember the psychological reasons people couldn’t get an erection? Check the following benefit:

6. Countering Depression & Promoting Well-Being

Yes, you’ve already heard spending time inside a sauna reduces stress. Depression, however, increases your risk of having erectile dysfunction by 40% 21).

The upside is that saunas stimulate the release of what are called “endorphins” in your body - natural opioids (22; 23).

Recent studies also show that heating up your body has an extremely big effect on countering a clinical depression (24; 25; 26). To get that benefit you need an infrared sauna that can increase your core body temperature to a very great extent, such as the Clearlight Saunas Dome™.

Overall, surveys show most people have massive improvements in their mood and well-being visiting a sauna. This benefit, in turn, supports healthy erecitions once more.

What do all these results mean though? Let’s consider the 30,000-foot overview:

Conclusion: Welcoming The Infrared Sauna Erectile Dysfunction Fix

Hopefully, after reading this blog post, the infrared sauna erectile function fix will be used more frequently. As stated before, infrared saunas enhance erectile function through several different mechanisms, such as improving blood flow, lowering blood pressure, decreasing overall heart and blood vessel disease risk, aiding blood glucose control, and helping you lose excess weight. All of these variables are risk factors for erectile dysfunction.

For the best results, consider a full-spectrum near infrared sauna erectile dysfunction fix. However, do mind your other lifestyle factors that affect an erection as well, such as getting daily movement, good sleep, eating healthy, and much more. The future is bright though - men don't have to rely on prescription medication for a great fix!

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