What Science Says About Infrared Saunas

Regular visits to saunas have often been prescribed as a wellness practice around the world, thanks to their ability to create a positive effect on our bodies.


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Health is invariably important. And in this day and age, the greatest methods to be healthy can sometimes be confusing. This is especially true with all the millions of health-minded inventions out there, from expensive gym equipment to “no-drill dental workâ€. It can all make it difficult to ascertain what actually works, and what doesn't.

So, where does one begin their wellness journey, when trying out modern inventions to encourage health and wellbeing? A reliable method is by only trying out new technologies with already proven benefits. Infrared saunas, for example, have been thoroughly studied and tested by a variety of reputed international scientist bodies.

Similar to traditional steam rooms, infrared saunas boast multiple health and wellness benefits. By using infrared rays instead of extremely high temperatures and moisture, this activity allows for a deeper, more direct heat penetration to the body.

In fact, regular visits to saunas have often been prescribed as a wellness practice around the world, thanks to their ability to create a positive effect on our bodies. Not only have many different cultures had their own versions of bathhouses, but this is one practice that has been scientifically researched for decades, with great results.

Read on to find out what researchers around the world say about infrared saunas.

Improves Heart Condition

A 2015 research by a group of scientists in China and Taiwan reported that infrared saunas could help with irregular heartbeats, as well as improve your physical fitness level, and boost your overall cardiovascular performance.

The use of infrared saunas is proven to increase nitric oxide production, making it a beneficial complement to chronic disease treatment. Multiple studies also found that regular sauna visits helped in reducing blood pressure. High blood pressure is a big factor that could lead to heart disease.


In his book, Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing, Dr. Lawrence Wilson, an expert with over 35 years of experience in nutritional balancing, describes the use of near-infrared sauna therapy as one of the safest, most powerful ways to heal naturally. It counters the effects of heavy and toxic metals as well as killing infections.

As the infrared rays allow for a deeper effect on our bodies, we produce more sweat than in regular steam rooms. Moreover, infrared rays also cause better blood flow and help us release harmful toxins, which is not as reliably done with steam saunas.

From pollution to the artificial additives in our food, our bodies often get exposed to many harmful chemicals these days. It is simply insufficient to detoxify using a juice cleanse or by digesting herb mixes. Regular infrared sauna use is an effective solution that can help you sweat out those highly damaging toxins, from your body.


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Promotes Healthy Skin

The skin is the human being's largest organ. Made up of 3 layers, it creates barriers and protection for our bodies. It's very flexible, yet with age, that elasticity tends to decrease. This is due to our body producing less collagen, however, scientists have found that infrared radiation increases the content of collagen and elastin produced by our fibroblasts (cells that manufacture and maintain connective tissue).

Among other studies performed, a group of patients claimed that after 6 months of infrared sauna treatment, they saw a 51-75% improvement in their skin texture. How could this be? Infrared radiation soothingly penetrates the body to more effectively and comfortably warm the body to sweating temperature, while more effectively removing body toxins which primarily reside in the fatty tissues right below the skin.

Induces Better Sleep

A good night's rest is crucial for cell renewal, as well as to reboot your body and brainpower. Eight hours of sleep is often prescribed by doctors for adults (usually more for the younger ones). However, not only is the quantity important here, but also the quality of your sleep.

A study done at the Respiratory and Stress Care Center at the Kagoshima University Hospital in Japan found that far-infrared sauna treatment improved the patients' pain, fatigue, and sleep disturbance. After sweating out bad toxins from your body and lowering your stress hormone inside a wooden infrared cabin, your body then enters a complete state of relaxation — ready to get its well-deserved quality sleep.

Improves Your Mental Health

A healthy mental state is just as important as an optimally-functioning physique. Stress and anxiety are modern world issues that can cling to almost everybody. Regular use of saunas, however, is proven to lower your stress hormone, cortisol.

A study conducted by Hussain and Cohen found that saunas help reduce headaches and improve relaxation. Beyond that, the heat can induce your body into a low-level degree of hyperthermia, an elevation of your body temperature in short periods. This treatment proved to reduce the depressive symptoms of some research participants.

Infrared light, also known as radiant energy, has existed as technology as far back as the 19th century. The Japanese then integrated this technology into the sauna in the 1960s, after which units have only become smaller, better, and more convenient.

There are dozens of studies diving into the efficacy of using infrared saunas for health and wellness benefits, with more positive studies coming out. If you'd like to improve your well-being by investing in a top range infrared sauna, you can contact our Clearlight team today, to learn which sauna is the best for you, and your lifestyle.

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